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cPanel Management

We do the heavylifting for your servers and get you back to running your business.

cPanel Server Management

As a business owner or commercial manager, your time is precious – and whether operating a complex online shop, a WordPress website or a Hosting Company, the very last thing on your mind and on your schedule should be server issues and certainly your server management.

Our cPanel Server Management Workflow

Let us walk you through the steps we take in order to properly secure and monitor your server.

Getting Started

Security evaluation of your server in order to identify flaws that could expose your server to attacks.

Analyzing of services configuration files for performance degredation.

Security & Performance

We harden your server's Kernel to protect it against network attacks.

Web Application Firewall installation with our own crafted rules, protecting your applications from popular attacks.

Performance optimization for Nginx, Apache and MySQL to get the most out of your server's available resources.

A close watch

Your server is added on our monitoring software which has over 15 alarm triggers that provide us with a constant flow of information.

We receive backup success/failure notifications for your server on our custom backup monitoring system.

Our experts monitor your server 24x7x365 and are ready to respond on all incidents.


We design, install, configure and maintain servers, ensuring optimal functionality and security for your business.

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cPanel Server Management Benefits

Our cPanel Server Management plans were designed to make having your own Linux server hassle free.

Monitoring 24x7x365
Monitoring 24x7x365

Our monitor checks for abnormal CPU, Ram, Network, web server requests and other metrics that could be affecting server performance, allowing us to take immediate action in the event of a anomaly detection.

Hacking Prevention
Hacking Prevention

Above all, the protection of your online property comes first! With several tools, techniques and monitoring mechanisms in place we make sure any attempts to harm your server and websites are prevented on-time.

Regular Updating
Regular Updating

General and security package updates are regularly applied on your server on as sheduled basis. Furthermore 0-day exploits are patched as soon as an update is public.

Blacklist Monitoring
Blacklist Monitoring

We monitor all your server IP's for blacklist listings that could be affecting outgoing email deliverability. In the event your IP is listed on any RBL's we take the necessary steps to get the IP delisted.

Backup Notifications
Backup Notifications

Having backups of your server and verifying their status is equally important. Our newly implemented backup notification checking system will alert us for backup completion status.

Hourly Services
Hourly Services

On demand Linux Server Support services, our server experts are here to make them real for you, whenever necessary, at a discounted rate being a cPanel server management customer.