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Server Migration

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Server Migration

Decisions for migrations can be as a result of cost reduction initiative, regulatory requirement, service risk mitigation, unstable environment caused due to attack or disaster, a newer server or data center operations strategy or legacy data center environments incapable of hosting modern & complex IT infrastructure. A migration is a highly strategic project that must be executed without impacting business operations, Service Level Agreements, performance and availability of data.

Flexibility on scheduled migration timings

Features and Types of servers migration for our clients.

Features of Migration

Manual Migration

Zero Data Loss

Real Time Operation

Minimal Downtime

Migration Report

Types of migration

Datacenter Migration

Cloud Migration

Infrastructure Migration

Server to Server Migration

Server to Cloud Migration

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Plan your migration and get you there safely with minimal disruption.​

ITServerAdmin have a great pool of expert migration team who can migrate your servers or infrastructure in real time with zero data lose and minimal downtime and provide a detailed report of migration. You can request a migration at any time with ITServerAdmin . Once all of the data has been moved, it is subjected to verification to confirm that it is intact and that no parts have become corrupted by the move.


Safe migration of your applications and data is a challenge for any business. Traditional methods can take days or weeks to implement and doesn’t come without risk. We can mitigate the risk and take the pain out of this process.


In addition our solutions can identify and provide recommendations on how to resolve issues with your workloads, optimising your service, our health check will assess: performance, operations, costs, protection, availability, security, compliance and industry standards requirements.


Our cloud experts run an initial workshop to understand your current infrastructure, challenges and goals for the cloud migration. This is followed by a deep-dive infrastructure assessment where we use software tools to analyse the current workloads. From this we are able to build a design of how your business applications would look when migrated to the cloud. Scope and understand the deployment, right-size the destination, choose between lift-and-shift or re-platforming, review licensing, review networking and dependencies, select the optimum migration method.


Firstly we deliver a details scope of works for the migration to the cloud. Clear expectations of who is responsible for which pieces, expected timescales to complete each stage along with contingency plans as required. Then the team undertake the careful migration of each phase ensuring minimal disruption of business operations. Once migrated, we remove any unnecessary “on-premise” components from each workload to maximise performance. Build target environment and import data, confirm successful data import, enable monitoring and reporting, patch and update OS and applications, harden servers, zero trust approach, remove legacy 3rd party tools.