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Server Virtualization

Virtualization Services

Server Virtualization

Consolidating multiple physical servers into virtual servers that run on a single physical server.

Operating System (OS) Virtualization – Virtualization software allows for the creation of multiple virtual machines (VM‘s) that are run as separate operating systems. The potential uses of this kind of architecture are enormous, such as allowing the software to be tested on different operating systems, applications to be tried out, etc.

Full Virtualization – This is essentially the complete cloning of the test hardware into the virtual environment. It allows for extremely accurate simulations to test software and applications, while also having the enormous benefit of allowing multiple users to share the environment at once.

Para-virtualization – This is very similar to the hypervisor principle because a hypervisor is installed on the server which then allows for a guest OS to be set up. It allows the software to run on virtual machines where the hardware is different to the underlying hardware. It differs from Full Virtualization in that the various guest servers are aware of one another.

Server virtualization helps in masking the server resources and parameters from resources. Using this technology, breaking up the server to unique and isolated server modules, it gives ample platform for users to work on it separately with their own operating systems.

Virtualization presents business to save energy and reduce capital costs due to more efficient use of hardware resources, virtualization also produces server systems within business with augmented security, improved availability, improved desktop management, and better disaster recovery proficiency.

ITServerAdmin services for server virtualization encompasses following areas:

  • Server Virtualization with post sales troubleshooting and upgrade packages
  • Deployment and management of Virtual desktop set-up
  • All types of Server migration (physical-virtual, virtual-virtual, virtual-cloud, cloud-cloud)
  • Private, public and hybrid cloud design and build

We provide VMware specialized virtualization services. Our engineers help in understanding the needs, further which we provide full design, and setup assistance for storage and backup as part of the virtualization task.

Dedicated Server Virtualization

Gain control over every aspect of your hosting solution with custom dedicated servers.

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Benefits of server Virtualization

Cost savings


IT consolidation


Flexibility adn scalability


More efficient resource provisioning


Better management


Hosting multiple OSes


Busines continuity/disaster recovery is easier


Improved productivity


App dev. is easier, safer


Improved storage capacity management