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Windows Server Management

Our Windows server management plan is Specially designed for windows cloud servers, Windows virtual Servers, Windows dedicated servers And even the local servers hosted at your home. We constantly monitor, apply security updates, perform regular reboots, and take care of your server issues proactively. We support the management of all services on the servers like IIS, PHP,MYSQL, MSSQL, LSAPA. MySQL FTP. Under this plan we also support control panels of windows service like SolidCP.Websitepanel, Mspcontrol, ZPanel, H-spear Vdeck, etc

We can regularly manage your server back up to make sure that there is not a loss even if there is a server crash, With premium 24×7 live chat and ticket support you can communicate with us any time whenever there is an issue, we will make sure that your issues will be sorted very quickly with a quick resolution time

We do our best to train all our admin on the latest Windows technologies. Even if your server is hosted on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud can manage all the aspects of the server. if you want to get support on a Linux server we have separate Linux server management plans.

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