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Proactive Server Management

A complete server support plan where you can resolve any issues that require any level of assistance varying from Level 1 to Level 3. This plan is the top monthly support plan for individual servers. For those who seek premium level support for individual servers, this one suits the best Initial Server Setup, Hardening, 24×7 monitoring, crash recovery, etc are included in this plan. You will get unlimited issues resolved per month per server.

Our 24×7 monitoring service will help your customers get the most uptime for their services. The team will be able to assist you to optimize the services to provide a better performance service for your customers. There won’t be any limitations in the support too, our team will be able to help you during weekends, holidays so that you do not need to worry about the services of customers. This will help you focus on your business more and make a better income instead of checking the server manually.

Any additional integrations to the server will only take an email to us and we will set up and configure them properly to assign them to your clients within a matter of time. if you want to get dedicated admins to manage your server we have separate plans for dedicated support.

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